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Major task
- Development of new product and new fomulation type
- Residue, ecological and environmental toxicity test
- Field and laboratory test for protect the crop from weed, insect, pest etc.
- Phytotoxicity test for mixing the agrochemical
- Advenced the quality of finish product
- Research for desease, insect, weeds etc.

Experimental instrument
- We are running an asepsis room and formulating research lab, striving to develop and improve products, HPLC and GC etc.

Sustaining investment in data generation based on GLP guideline:
- Physical and chemical properties
- 5-Batch analysis
- Acute/Chronic toxicity study
- Mutagenicity study
- Eco-toxicological study

Biological Pesticide
Fungicide Mixture
Herbicide Mixture
Insecticide Mixture
Plant Growth Regulator
Multifunction Pesticide Mixture
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