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Name Of Product CAS NO. Specification MSDS
Matrine 519-02-8 98% TC ;4% TK;0.5% AS;0.3%AS; 0.5%SL;0.3%SL  MSDS
Rotenone 83-79-4 2.5% EC;7.5% EC;95% TC;  MSDS
Cnidiadin 484-12-8 10% TK;0.4% EC;1% EW;6%Cnidiadin+Jinggangmycin WP  MSDS
Eugenol 97-53-0 99% TC;0.3% SL;2.1% Eugenol +carvacrol AS  MSDS
Gibberellic acid 77-06-5 99% TC;90% TC;20% TA;10% SP;10% TA;20g/L EC  MSDS
Jingangmycin 37248-47-8 5% AS;10% AS;60% TC;  MSDS
Streptomycin sulfate 3810-74-0 90% TC;72% SP;10% SP ;20% SP  MSDS
Kasugamycin 6980-18-3 70% TC;6% WP; 3% SL; 2% SL  MSDS
Bacillus thuringiensis 68038-71-1 20000ITU/mg WP;30000IU/mg WP;6.4% WP;8000ITU/mg WP  MSDS
pyrethrum 8003-34-7 1.0% pyrethrum RR;1.5% pyrethrum EW;25% pyrethrum  MSDS
Azadirachtin 11141-17-6 0.6%EC  MSDS
Brassinolide 72962-43-7 90% TC,0.1%SP  MSDS
Ivermectin 70288-86-7 95%TC  MSDS
Ningnanmycin 156410-09-2 40%TK, 10%SP, 8%SL, 2%SL  MSDS
Tebufenozide 112410-23-8 95%TC, 20%SC  MSDS
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