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Bifenazate, A Reputed Acaricide, Sees Both Opportunities And Challenges
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In summer, all things flourish. With the temperature rise and the decrease in rainfall, fruit trees are growing rapidly, coming into a critical moment for control of Panonychus citri. There are various kinds of pesticides available for control of Panonychus citri, which is not an easy job, as Panonychus citri may often become resistant in a short time. These are regarded as tough issues for prevention and control of Panonychus citri. 

As an acaricide with a unique mechanism of action, bifenazate has a high activity against Panonychus citri in its active stage. Adoption of a best method and the use of bifenazate at best timing in combination with other acaricides may be a good solution to orchard farmers long-time headache. Today, AgroPages also noted that due to the lack of scientific guidance on pesticide application, the misuse of bifenazate by users and the irregular act of production of technicals and formulations are causing harm to the life cycle of this excellent acaricide, resulting in threats and challenges to the sound and orderly development of the bifenazate industry sector.

Market demand for bifenazate

It is known that the market demand for bifenazate has been rising in recent years and China has become a major market. The current domestic market demand in China is about 1,600 tons, with price rising from Yuan480,000 per ton to Yuan580,000 per ton in 2020, which then fell back to Yuan500,000 per ton in early 2021. Later, due to the short supply of mainstream intermediates, the price rose again to Yuan520,000-530,000 per ton. However, with the increased production in small factories (grey factories) and the completion of the rollout for the spring shooting, the price has fallen back to around Yuan460,000 per ton. 


In terms of the international market, the demand for bifenazate is smaller than that in the Chinese market. The peak export of bifenazate from China in 2016 C 2021 was 330 tons, of which 88% was exported to the United States, followed by India, Turkey and Jordan. Chinas export fell sharply in 2019, which was gradually recovered in 2021. In 2019-2020, majority of supply to the global bifenazate market came from the European Union, until 2021, when China regained its absolute proportion of supply of this product, accounting for about 60%. 


Ranking of destination countries of Chinese bifenazate export



Let us take a look from another perspective, the perspective of US import, where the import of the United States of bifenazate shows an upward trend over the last three years, being respectively 187 tons in 2019, 209 tons in 2020 and 330 tons in 2021, at an increase of 50% year on year. It is worthy of note that the import of bifenazate in the United States in the first quarter of 2022 reached 150 tons, which is a significant increase year on year. The mainstream type of formulation in the United States is 50% WP single agent. Moreover, according to professionals, the Middle East market such as Egypt is also looking for novel acaricides because of the problem of resistance, where the market for bifenazate may grow.


Source: AgroNews


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