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Forecast and analysis of future herbicide market demand
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As the largest pesticide category, herbicides account for 40% of the market share both globally and domestically. From the perspective of market sales structure, herbicides occupy the largest pesticide market share in the world. According to statistics, the global sales of herbicides in 2020 accounted for 40.20%, followed by insecticides and fungicides, accounting for 29.49% and 27.35%, respectively.

From the perspective of development trends, with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quantity and quality of food, and the increase in the planting area of major applied crops due to the adjustment of planting structure, the fungicides market continues to maintain rapid growth; The country's high penetration rate will keep herbicides in the absolute leading position in pesticide varieties; while the society's increasing attention to the quality and safety of agricultural products and the ecological environment, and the phasing out of high-toxicity and high-residue pesticides will further affect killing. insecticide market.

With the development of my country's agricultural industry, more and more farmers use herbicides to control weeds. However, during the use of pesticides, the safety and environmental protection issues caused by herbicides such as paraquat are banned and restricted, and the implementation of the zero-growth policy of pesticide use has brought many challenges and changes to the future development of herbicides.

Herbicides can carry out corresponding weeding according to the characteristics of different crops to improve crop yield. Herbicides are mainly used to kill weeds and harmful plants and ensure the normal growth of crops. They are mainly used in the cultivation of soybeans and corn. Dicamba and glufosinate stand out among herbicides due to their low toxicity, environmental safety and other properties. Commonly used herbicides are glyphosate, glufosinate, paraquat, dicamba, etc. In the global pesticide market, the sales of herbicides have always been in the first position, and the industry status is very important. Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world, with excellent herbicidal effect, long duration of herbicidal effect and broad spectrum of herbicidal effects.

Herbicides are essential for increasing food crop yields. According to the information from the National Seminar on Rice Production Mechanization and Weed Prevention and Control, weeds, pests and natural disasters are the three major hazards to agricultural production. Among them, weed damage leads to a loss of 13.2% of the global agricultural output value every year, and the annual loss of food production is equivalent to The annual food ration of about 1 billion people. The application of herbicides is particularly important for increasing grain yields.

The downstream herbicides in China are mainly used in various crops and non-crops, of which the highest proportions are cereals, corn, soybeans, fruits and vegetables and other crops with the highest yield and the most common, accounting for 17%, 16%, 14% and 12% respectively. %, and non-crops account for about 10%.

According to customs data, in 2021, the total import of herbicides will be 17,000 tons, and the export will be 1.39 million tons, with an import value of 100 million US dollars and an export value of 4.9 billion US dollars. Among them, Chinas herbicide import volume in December was 2,000 tons, and its export volume was 131,000 tons, the import value is 10.27 million US dollars, and the export value is 700 million US dollars; in 2021, the total export value of China's herbicides is greater than the total import value, the trade surplus is mainly, and the average export price is 5,323 US dollars / ton.

Affected by the saturation of the domestic market, excess production capacity and intensified market competition, it is expected that the sales volume of herbicides in 2022 will be basically the same or slightly lower than that in 2021. Due to the accelerated land transfer and the promotion of light and simplified cultivation techniques, the demand for herbicides will continue to rise.

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