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Name Of Product CAS NO. Specification MSDS
Pirimiphos-methyl 29232-93-7 90%TC,500G/L EC  MSDS
S-Bioallethrin 28434-00-6 95% TC  MSDS
Bifenazate 149877-41-8 95%TC, 24%SC  MSDS
Etoxazole 153233-91-1 95%TC, 11%SC  MSDS
Fluazuron 86811-58-7 95%TC, 25%SC, 10%WDG, 5%EC  MSDS
Methoxyfenozide 161050-58-4 98%TC, 24%SC  MSDS
Nitenpyram 150824-47-8 95%/96%TC, 60%WP, 50%SP&GR, 25%SP, 10%SL  MSDS
Oxadiargyl 39807–15–3 96%TC, 80%WDG&WP, 10%OD  MSDS
Spirodiclofen 148477-71-8 95%/98%TC, 34%SC, 24%SC  MSDS
Spirotetramat 203313-25-1 95%TC, 22.4%SC  MSDS
Cyflumetofen 400882-07-7 95% TC, 15%SC  MSDS
Spinosad 131929-60-7 92%TC、99%TC、480g/L SC  MSDS
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