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Name Of Product CAS NO. Specification MSDS
Propiconazole 60207-90-1 95%TC; 250g/L EC  MSDS
Pyrimethanil 53112-28-0 98%TC; 95%TC; 40%SC; 40%WP; 20%SC  MSDS
Propamocarb Hydrochloride 25606-41-1 97%TC; 69%TC; 722g/L AS; 35%AS; 66.5%AS  MSDS
Propamocarb 24579-73-5 90%TC; 722g/L SL  MSDS
Procymidone 32809-16-8 98%TC; 50%WDG&WP&SC  MSDS
Prochloraz 67747-09-5 450g/L EW;250g/L EC;98%TC;95%TC;  MSDS
Penconazole 66246-88-6 95%TC, 10%EC, 20%EW  MSDS
Oxadixyl 77732-09-3 Oxadixyl TC; 8% Oxadixyl+56% Mancozeb WP  MSDS
Maneb 12427-38-2 90%TC;80%WP;30%SC;  MSDS
Myclobutanil 88671-89-0 95%TC; 40%WP; 12.5%EC  MSDS
Isoprothiolane 50512-35-1 98%TC; 95%TC; 40%EC; 40%WP;  MSDS
Iprobenfos 26087-47-8 95%TC; 50%EC; 40%EC;  MSDS
Imazalil 35554-44-0 98%TC; 50%EC  MSDS
Hymexazol 10004-44-1 97%TC; 360g/L SL  MSDS
Carbendazim 10605-21-7 98% TC, 50% WP, 500 g/l SC  MSDS
Trifloxystrobin 141517-21-7 95%TC 50%WDG  MSDS
FENHEXAMID 126833-17-8 98% TC ,50%WDG&W&SC  MSDS
Thiabendazole 148-79-8 98%TC, 50%SC, 45%SC  MSDS
Oxine-copper 10380-28-6 98%TC,50%WP, 33.5%SC  MSDS
Boscalid 188425-85-6 96%TC,50%WDG  MSDS
Cyazofamid 120116-88-3 95%TC, 40%SC&GR, 30%WP, 20%SC, 10%SC  MSDS
Cyprodinil 121552-61-2 98%TC, 75%WDG, 50%WDG, 30%SC  MSDS
Cyazofamid 120116-88-3 95%TC, 40%SC&GR, 30%WP, 20%SC, 10%SC  MSDS
Triflumizole 68694-11-1 95%TC, 30%WP  MSDS
Difenoconazole 119446-68-3 95%TC,25%EC  MSDS
Quizalofop-P-ethyl 100646-51-3 95%TC,96g/L EC,50g/L EC  MSDS
Flucarbazone-sodium 181274-17-9 95%TC,96%TC,70%WDG,70%WP  MSDS
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