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Name Of Product CAS NO. Specification MSDS
Abamectin 71751-41-2 95% TC, 1.8% EC, 6.5%EC  MSDS
Azoxystrobin 131860-33-8 95%TC,50% WG,25%SC  MSDS
Benthiavalicarb-isopropyl 177406-68-7 95% TC, 98% TC, 15% WDG  MSDS
Chlorothalonil 1897-45-6 98% TC, 75% WP,72% SC,50% SC  MSDS
Diazinon 333-41-5 95% TC, 600G/L EC, 500G/L EC, 5%GR,10%GR  MSDS
Dinotefuran 165252-70-0 95% TC;75% WDG;20% WP; 20% SG  MSDS
Emamectin Benzoate 155569-91-8 90% TC, 70%TC, 5%WDG&SG&EC  MSDS
Flufenacet 142459-58-3 97%TC, 410g/L SL  MSDS
Glyphosate 1071-83-6 95% TC,41%SL, 62% IPA, 41% IPA 75.7% WDG  MSDS
Imidacloprid 138261-41-3 95% TC, 98%TC,70% WP, 70% WDG  MSDS
Isoxaflutole 141112-29-0 480 g/L EC, 480 g/L SC, 75% WDG, 95% TC  MSDS
Mancozeb 8018-01-7 85%TC; 80%WP; 60%WP;75% WDG  MSDS
Penoxsulam 219714-96-2 97%%TC, 24%SCTC, 2.5%OF  MSDS
Prothioconazole 178928-70-6 97%TC, 48%SC  MSDS
Picoxystrobin 117428-22-5 95%TC, 97% TC, 250g/L SC ,225g/L SC  MSDS
Pyraclostrobin 175013-18-0 25% EC;95% TC;60% Pyraclostrobin +dimethomorph WDG  MSDS
TOLFENPYRAD 129558-76-5 75% WDG,10% WP,150 g/L EC,95% TC  MSDS
Thiobencarb 28249-77-6 96%TC,50%EC  MSDS
Biological Pesticide
Plant Growth Regulator
mezcla de fungicidas
Mezcla herbicida
Mezcla Insecticida
Multifunción Pesticide Mezcla
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